The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess


Oh, so much to catch up on, as I have become a bad updater. And yet I am tired and need to take out my contact lenses. So! Recent notable events, in brief:

1. jinxremoving arrived in Dublin! It was lovely to meet her, and we had a great night out on Saturday.

2. Tonight was the first Ladyfest Dublin meeting, attended by me, amphoteric and lots of cool girls I'd never met before. It was fantastic, although strange in that it took place in a converted warehouse-turned-activist-haven which happens to be on the road my dad grew up in in the North Strand, where my grandparents lived until they died. Which is weird, because the road was once totally familiar to me but I haven't been there in years. Anyway, the meeting was great, and the next one is on Monday, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Ooof. I'm going to take out my lenses, have a bath, and go to bed. Night night.
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