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There are many things I want to say to the Plain People of Ireland (tm Myles na Gopaleen) who voted "yes" to constitutional racism, but I think Yeats said it best 78 years ago when he addressed the jeering crowd of ignorant bigoted gobshites who booed the premier of O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars in the Abbey:


Oh, and McDowell, I hope that the next time you end up in hospital the Philipina nurses who are keeping our health service going (no thanks to FF) refuse to treat your nasty little misogynistic racist self, because you and your chums have just told them that they're not welcome here, and that their children, should they have any, don't deserve the same rights as nice white genetically Irish babies.

And at the same time, if you've got an Irish granny, come on up and collect your passport. You may have never lived here, and lots of small babies with African parents may have never lived anywhere else, but sure, aren't you more deserving of the glorious prize of Irish citizenship than some black baby?

There's your fucking loophole, McDowell.

I am sickened.
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