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every day is a winding road

So I spent the weekend in Kilkenny, which is a very nice town and one of the few places in Ireland outside of Dublin in which I would like to live. P and I wandered around in the sun and ate lots of gorgeous food in fancy restaurants, and a good time was had by all. I also spent much time in Co Kildare, which is not so exciting, but nice. However, as usual, a weekend away means a big LJ backlog which started to make my eyes glaze over, so if anything wonderful or, heaven forbid, terrible happened to you over the weekend, let me know in comment-form.

In other news, I went to see Sheryl Crow last night, reviewing for the I**** T****. And it was fantastic! I have to admit that La Crow is one of my musical guilty pleasures. I hide her CDs in amongst the Franz Ferdinand and Chicks on Speed. I think if she wasn't so glossy, she'd be easily as credible as, say, Aimee Mann. Anyway, she's written a hell of a lot of good songs, as this show reminded me. And I was unutterably charmed by one of the security guards who were standing in a row at the foot of the stage, facing the crowd. About two songs in, he started nodding his head to the beat. A few songs later, he was turning around to look up at the stage. Soon after that, he was playing air guitar. At that stage, one of the other security guards was nodding along, and I started thinking how incredibly cool it would be if the security guards in front of the stage all started unselfconsciously grooving along to a show and then started dancing in time. But this is just part of my lifelong love of spontaneous dance routines in public places. Which never actually happen, but I live in hope.

Okay, I have a surreal amount of work to do to do. Bis spater....
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