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don't you have someone you'd die for?

I got the new Tanya Donelly album from Vital today. I was very excited at the though, because she's been one of my musical heroines since I was 14, but I'm a little underwhelmed by this. My love of her Throwing Muses and Belly stuff goes without saying (and soon after Patrick and I met, he loaned me the then-brand-new King to tape, which made me infant crush on him even stronger, so for that alone I would always have a soft spot for it). I really loved her first solo e.p. (which is one of my most beautifully designed records I own - 2 7"s, with different designs on the labels of each side) and her debut solo album. But the last one left me a little cold - the songs seemed a little vague and formless, which is a shame when one remembers how good she can be at writing really sharp, sweet songs. The new one seems like more of the same. I don't necessarily want her to write pop songs - some of her best Belly songs were the quiet ones - but I do like, I dunno, structured songs that don't just meander along aimlessly.

Oh well. Maybe it'll grow on me.
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