The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

random and freakish thought

I'm listening to an item on Woman's Hour about "secret shoppers", and they were playing tiny snippets of the theme music to Are You Being Served in between the segments. Now, I know that travesty of a sitcom is shown on what seems like an hourly basis on American TV (it will always bewilder me that shows like that and Keeping Up Appearances are often shown in the US and the complete works of Chris Morris are not) but it hasn't been aired here in about twenty years so I'd forgotten how TOTALLY COOL the music is. I used to put loads of swishy, loungey vintage TV themes on compilation tapes about a decade ago, but somehow I never unearthed that one, and it's brilliant! The sleazy horns! The bored posh voice reading out lists of haberdashery items! It's so much odder than the average '70s theme tune; I can imagine Ladytron doing an electronicized cover of it now. Fantastic.
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