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Following kylegirl's revelations of her dreams (involving my alleged friend, Fabrisse!), I had a strange dream of my own which is still driving me mad. I dreamed that I was in the Tower Records in the rackety shopping centre in Harvard Square (where I haven't been for about five years), and I was taking advantage of being in a large-ish American music shop to find lots of albums unavailable or hard to find over here. I was looking for a Helium album which I don't have (so far, so stupidly realistic), and for the Spells e.p. which I only have in taped form (ditto), and then I found myself looking for an album by Mary Timony's (imaginary) "other band" whose name, I knew in the dream, began with M. But I couldn't remember the name of the band, and it started driving me mad. By the time I woke up (at which stage the Tower Records had grown a food section and I was carrying around a handful of brown rice - any Jungians want to explain that one?), I was in a frenzy of frustration trying to remember the name of this non-existent band. I was still thinking about it when I woke, and it took me about five minutes to realise that Mary Timony doesn't have another band beginning with M. Except maybe she does, and I just can't remember....

I did, in my dream, find a Throwing Muses album which I didn't know existed (because, um, it doesn't). So my imagination wasn't just tormenting me....
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