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won't you put on your dress and come down to magazine avenue?

I love broadband! My teething problems have been sorted out, thanks to stephencass, who solved my vanished-preferences problems. And now I've got Limewire and Acquisition, and have so far downloaded 'Lost Weekend' and 'Pretty Gone' by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, and 'Everybody Loves Me But You' by Juliana Hatfield. I was trying to find all of 'Hey Babe', but alas that was the only song off it that was available.* Is my dated indie-dork showing?

Oh, and I'm very, very glad to see that all my Toronto friends are okay.

*Ever since alicetiara mentioned early Juliana Hatfield the other day, I've been craving that album, which I taped off someone back in the dark ages, a tape which has joined my Huggy Bear singles and Giant Steps by the Boo Radleys in the "music I really liked which mysteriously vanished and could never be found again" file.

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