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...the star of Sweet Valley High...

From Here to Sweet Valley, Part six, you say? Why, certainly...

“That sounds like a great idea, Liz!” she said. She meant it. It would be cool to see all her old friends and rivals. She wanted to flaunt her outrageous success. She wanted to show everyone that Jessica Wakefield wasn’t one of those girls who are popular in high school and who then become sad, pathetic freaks living off their old glories. Jessica had been the star of Sweet Valley High, and now she was a star of the screen.

And she couldn’t wait to rub that into everybody’s faces.

The excited Elizabeth warmed to her theme.

“It’ll be so great, Jess - we can rent the gym at Sweet Valley High, have a big party - I can’t wait! Maybe the Droids would perform.”

“I’m sure they would,” said Jessica, although she wasn’t so sure about having a party in a gym. A fancy restaurant up the coast would be more her style. Still, a part of her felt a strange pang of nostalgia thinking about the gym, the scene of some of her greatest teenage triumphs. Here it was that she had left her official date for evening, Winston, and joined Bruce Patman, then the object of her lust, in a sensuous dance that climaxed with Bruce lifting her up and holding her over his head, spinning her round in time to the music. One of hrr finest hours, even now, after all these years. Bruce had been a fabulous mover. Jessica licked her lips. Maybe it would be fun to see her old rival. There had always been a real heat between them, even after their short but passionate romance.

“So anyway, Jess,” said Elizabeth, “I know it’s short notice, but I wanted to hold the reunion in two weeks. Will you be hanging around that long?”

Jessica pouted. She hadn’t thought of staying nearly so long. But something in her icy, cruel soul liked the thought of being at home, being at rest. Even if that meant spending her evenings trying to stop Prince Albert from humping her shins. It was hard being the most famous woman in America, maybe even the world. Although she would nrver give up her luxurious lifestyle, she thought she might like to live the simple life for a few weeks.

After all, she had the Hershey bar. She could escape from Sweet Valley any time she wanted...


Elizabeth felt like a new woman. The reunion had sparked her imagination. As she browsed the internet, seeking her former classmates, Elizabeth felt her soul wake up again, gradually crawling out of the chrysalis of despair she had woven around it since Todd and Enid’s betrayal.

Their betrayal.

Elizabeth paused, one hand on the mouse, as she remembered the horrific moment when she had found out that her beloved boyfriend and her boring best friend were secret lovers.

”Elizabeth, I’m sorry...

Todd’s half-arsed apology still echoed in her ears. It was a hollow sound. Like a bucket being hit with a stick, again and again and again. She sighed. She remembered that day like it was yesterday, But in fact, it was nearly ten years ago. The day after graduation...

To be continued
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