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I can't believe it. I fell for a fucking internet scam.

I downloaded bittorrent, and decided to go straight to Suprnova to see what was available. But where did I go? And did I pay them eight euro? Yes I did, by Paypal, thank fuck, or they'd have my credit card info, and for just a month, thank fuck again, because otherwise I would have paid out more than just the price of a fancy sandwich. And what did I find? A list of fucking P2P programmes! It's a total scam! You pay them and there's nothing actually there, but it's legal because they're technically 'showing' you the means of acquiring other P2P software. Gah, I can't believe I was so bloody stupid.

Anyway, I went to, and am now downloading brand new Scrubs to cheer myself up and console myself for being so stupid.
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