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mellow fruitfulness

Apart from the terribly dark evenings, I really like Autumn. This morning, Griffith Avenue - the longest tree-lined avenue in Europe, oh yes - where I get my bus and where I also, further down, went to secondary schoool - was decorated with huge piles of fallen orange crunchy leaves. There are still enough golden and red leaves on the trees to look all pretty, so it doesn't feel desolate. And when I saw those piles of leaves I really, really wanted to just jump in them.

But I'm a sensible grown up, so I didn't.

I obviously have a selective memory, though. The weather has been warm and dry for the past week or so, coinciding with the increase in leaf-fallage, which is obviously making me forget the sheer revoltingness of Griffith Avenue when it rains in Autumn. Yes, the memories come flooding back of trudging to school through heaps of sludgified wet leaves, which seemed to multiply faster than the Dublin Corporation street-cleaners could get rid of them. Ick, ick ick. Ah, the joy of living in this fair isle.
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