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get away from me

I think I might be coming with something. My tum still feels a bit odd even though my hangover has long gone - and as I only had about four glasses of wine, it was hardly a huge case of alcohol poisoning or anything. Anyway, I have horrible heart burn and my stomach is making very strange noises, so I hope I haven't got some form of plague.

In other news, the Sunfire books I got on Ebay (inspired by katemonkey's enthusiasm) arrived the other day and I am already addicted. The sheer cheese! So much fun. I want more, but alas lots of ebay and abebooks sellers seem to be charging frankly outlandish shipping costs (it does not cost twenty dollars to send two books to Ireland. I've sent enough packages from the US to know that) so it seems my desire for anachronistically spunky young ladies torn between two charismatic young gents will forever be thwarted. Bah.

Oh, and has anyone else listened to Nellie McKay? I read the interview with her in the last issue of Bitch and was midly intrigued, but since I downloaded a couple of tracks from the magnificently titled Get Away From Me the other day I'm in love. Like Fiona Apple with a snarky sense of humour and better tunesi.
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