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...goodbye to Sweet Valley High...

The saga continues! Better get your hankies out, ladies and gents, because this bit's a tear-jerker....

She remembered that day like it was yesterday, But in fact, it was nearly ten years ago. The day after graduation...

She had been so happy. It was the greatest day of her life, graduating as Sweet Valley High’s valedictorian. And yet her happiness was tinged with sadness, for she was saying farewell to the place that had been her second home for so many years. While her family and classmates milled about the lawn of the school, Elizabeth softly stole back into the school. She wanted to say goodbye to Sweet Valley High.

She wandered the corridors, pausing as the memories took hold. The cafeteria, where Jessica had cooked up a hundred crazy schemes, where Winston Egbert had impressed them all with his merry pranks. The darkroom, where she had developed the photographs which had helped in the capture of a dangerous criminal. Her stomach churned as she passed down the halls towards the room that would always have an important place in her heart.

The Oracle office.

How many evenings had she spent, debating what gossip items to include in that wonderful column of hers? Working away on her trusty typewriter, laughing with Olivia and Penny Ayala. She even had fond memories of John Pfeifer, the sports editor who had turned out to be a scary would-be date rapist. He had been a decent guy, once upon a time. it was pity he’d turned into such a psycho. She sighed wistfully as she reached out a hand to open the door.

it was then that she heard the voices. Someone was in the office. More than one person. She thought it might be Olivia or Mr Collins, but then she heard one of the people, a girl, say “Oh god, this is so bad - but I love it!”

“That’s Enid’s voice!” thought Elizabeth. “And it sounds like she’s in the middle of a private moment. That’s a bit skanky, but I’d better leave her...”

Then she heard the other voice. “I love it too - like I love you, you enchanting temptress!”

Elizabeth stood there in shock. She knew that voice. How could she not?

It was Todd.

Todd Wilkins. Star basketball player of Sweet Valley High. The love fo Elizabeth’s life. Even though he had moved to Vermont for a few months, during which time he and Elizabeth had both dated other people, they had got back together soon after he moved home, and had been inseperable ever since.

Until now.

Hardly able to breath, Elizabeth opened the door. A horrific sight met her fearful eyes.

Enid and Todd were entwined in a passionate embrace - more passionate than any Todd and Liz had ever exhanged. Their pants of lust echoed around the empty room. And they were draped over what was, to Elizabeth, the most sacred part of the Oracle office.

Her typewriter.

With a strangled cry, Elizabeth backed towards the door. The lovers stopped their grunting and looked around at her.

“Oh my God!” screamed Enid. “Liz!”

“Don’t speak to me,” Elizabeth said in a choked voice. “I’m going. And I never want to see either of you again.

“We can explain -” began Enid.

“Don’t say anything,” said Elizabeth. “I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear your voices. I don’t want to see you.

”Elizabeth, I’m sorry...” cried Todd.

“Todd,” said Elizabeth. She looked at him, her aquamarine eyes brimming with tears, tenderness shining through the pain. “Go fuck yourself.”

With that, she ran out of the offices. She had never seen either of them again.

To be continued...
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