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I finally saw Shaun of the Dead, having refused to see it in the cinema because I can't bear to see anything vaguely scary in the cinema where I can't run and hide behind a chair/in the kitchen/in the hall. But - hurrah! - now it's out on DVD, so we watched it tonight, and it was fantastic. Very funny ("dogs can look up!") and genuinely creepy, especially because its English setting was so familiar. It's only when you watch a horror film set somewhere which looks exactly like home that you realise that American scary films all look so remote. There's something much more creepy and fucked up about the sight of a family eating each other when they're doing it in what could be next door's garden as opposed to a suburbia of picket fences and Colonial houses.

ETA: Did anyone else love the bit where they meet the other survivors? Who were all very familiar? That was so funny - we were like "hang on, that's... and that's....and look, there's..." Hee. It was like a comedy summit.
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