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Say Goodbye, Daisy Miller

New Gilmore Girls! And I watched it less than 24 hours after it aired in the US. I love you, broadband!

That was a great episode. I particularly loved the Luke/Lorelai phone scene (and how cute is Paw Paw? So cute I actually squealed with delight when I saw him, that's how cute), because I, like several others I could mention cough*barsine*cough, love Luke. In a dirty way. I loved Lane too, but I always do, but I did not love horrible psycho cheatin' Dean and his poor whiny wife who just wants to make his dinner. Although I feel very sorry for the latter. As I said before, I was in a very similar situation to Rory when I was her age and they're dealing with it pretty well here.

But alas, my mpg ended before the final credits - I'm pretty sure there was only a minute more, at most, but if any of y'all saw it, how did Luke and Lorelai leave their last conversation on the phone? When my tape ended, Luke had just said he was out in the arse end of nowhere or something along those lines. Were there any subsequent declarations of lurve? I am an addict! I need to know every detail!

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