October 14th, 2002

fat pony like thunder

My scary little doppelganger

So on Friday Small H and I got out GInger Snaps on video. The film was great, in a very cool gothic girlie way, but I was a bit freaked out by the fact that Brigitte, the younger sister, looked exactly like me when I was 17. Like, scarily like me. It was a combination of the hair, the clothes, the slouch, and the general look of surliness. There were bits when I had to ask myself, "did I actually spend my teen years making cool werewolf films in Canada?" As I didn't, I know that I actually have a youthful doppelganger.

So if you want to know what my teenage self looked like, go here and look at the top image. That surly girl on the left? C'est moi, more or less.
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fat pony like thunder

i want new clothes!

And yet, I can't find any. What the hell is up with girlie clothes shops right now? I do not want to dress like Buffy Saint-Marie on Sesame Street, thanks, so stop offering cheapo-looking peasant blouses. And I got over my hippie phase back in 1991, and have no desire to wear either a poncho or a paisley dress, so stop showing them to me as well. Plus, would it kill you to make clothes for girls shorter than 5ft 7"? Jesus!

Even Urban Outfitters is no good. Not only is it farcially expensive these days (to Americans: UO on this side of the Atlantic is not the home of nice affordable clothing it is in,say, New York.. The average price of a skirt in the Dublin branch is $350.00), but the clothes aren't even that nice this season. And I both need and want new Winter clothes!

The only nice thing I've seen in all the shops in Dublin is a tight black sweater with rainbow stripes across the chest. One covetable item in the entire city! How pathetic is that? I need to go to London for the weekend...
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fat pony like thunder


Jesus, it's fucking freezing. When did Winter happen? To be honest, I don't mind so much, because I prefer winter to summer in some ways (at least it's predictable, unlike the manky Irish summer), but it's been nice and sunny for a month and then today it was almost too cold to type at work. Madness.

Anyway, you see why I want more winter clothes. Especially as when I took my favourite red lambswool jumper (jumper in the european sense, North Americans, not the weird pinafore yokes you call jumpers)out of the wardrobe the other day I discovered that moths - yes, moths - had eaten some tiny holes in it! Outrageous! So you see, it's not just that I want new clothes, I actually need them too.

I'm sitting here in my room wishing I'd bought a frigging powerbook last year instead of this crappy overpriced Compaq laptop. I'll be paying it off for another year or so and I don't even like it. In fact, I can't even pick it up, because despite being state of the art (ahem), it weighs about twenty five tons. Okay, I can pick it up, but it's not exactly slimline. And its DVD player, which is one of the main reasons I picked this model, is acting all funny. Grrr.
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