October 21st, 2002

fat pony like thunder


Well, the second Buffy finally finishing downloading, and I watched the end of it this morning. No spoilers, don't worry - I'll just say that I'm quite impressed, and I think the Boy's prediction of who or what will be this Season's Big Bad might be correct (and that would be very, very interesting).

Of course, I wanted to start downloading the next one straight away, but yet more problems beset me in that field. Still, I'm less insane with rage about it than I was last week. Which is a good thing.
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fat pony like thunder


You know what just arrived for me in the post at work? An album of Rod Stewart murdering jazz standards, that's what. Now, I actually have a soft spot for Rod back in the day, back in his Faces era, but good sweet Jesus, I do not want to hear him butchering two of my favourite songs ever (that's 'They can't take that away from me' and 'Everytime We Say Goodbye'). What is the world coming to?
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fat pony like thunder

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Well, I thought I'd be Season Three Willow, but lo, it appears I am not. I have to say, I really loved her clothes in Season 4. She ahd a truly great "As Seen on TV" tee that I coveted, as well as lots of nice long skirts. I remember during Season 4 at MBTV (as was), people kept getting hysterical about her "crazy" clothes and terrible hair, which I found rather insulting seeing as I and half my friends dressed like that. Urban Outfitters are everywhere, people, it's not like she suddenly started dressing like a Gatecrasher kid or something.

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Fireworks keep going off outside. One of the many reasons I don't like Halloween is horrible knackery kids setting off fireworks all over the place. And throwing eggs. I remember a little bollocks threw eggs at me and my friend J when we were about 16, and wrecked my beautiful vintage suede jacket. I have hated leaving the house at the end of October ever since. Seriously!

On a less bitter note, The Office is on later. I may have to watch from behind the couch. It really is almost unbearable...
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