December 13th, 2002

fat pony like thunder

well no one told me it was gonna be this way....

Wow, I am so impressed by fox1013's friends list yoke. How did she do it? I am way too lazy to do the same, even though my own friends list is about one tenth of the size of hers. I shall just say that all of my friends list rocks, and provide me with much entertainment and distraction from work.
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fat pony like thunder


Okay, I don't think my PMT is helping, but I am currently filled with rage. Today my laptop came back from being repaired, and I was all excited because it's been gone for ages and my DVD player has been fucked for even longer. And lo, when I try to import back my Favourites list, it says I can't and must see "the administrator". The fuck? I never set up any accounts or whatever, so there shouldn't be one. Literally two hours on the phone to Compaq support later, the tech person basically gives up and says he doesn't know what happens. At one point between calls, when I tried it yet again nad it didn't work, I actually screamed in rage like some sort of wild beast. It's scary!

Anyway, at least the DVD player is working. I am now watching Amelie which is calming me down somewhat.
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    Lovely Amelie soundtrack