January 24th, 2003

fat pony like thunder

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Fucking Neko Case. She cancelled her interview, after I had been waiting around the venue for two and half hours, saying she was "sick". However, she didn't exactly look like she was fighting sickness when she performed later on.

However, in more cheery news, I upgraded my mobile, and, for just €4 (!) I am now the owner of this beautiful little blue baby. It's floaty light, unlike my last more clunky Nokia, and it matches my duffel coat!
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fat pony like thunder

I love...

Copying cangetmad, here is why I love my interests....

60s pop culture: I wrote my master’s thesis on Oz magazine and the development of underground culture in the ‘60s. Great fun.
Absolute Beginners: My favourite book. Ever. It’s by Colin MacInnes, and it was made itnto a terrible film in the ‘80s, but the book is funny and cool and heartbreaking and everyone should read it.
adrian tomine:Have you read his comic, Optic Nerve? You should have. It’s like Raymond Carver for 20 something sort-of-hipsters.
alan moore: A comics genius, ever since his 2000AD days. “Mind the oranges, Marlon!”

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