January 31st, 2003

fat pony like thunder


I just went online for the first time in two days. Why so long away? Because I am SICK. Gastro-entritis. Absolutely revolting, involving much expelling of partially-digested and, um, digested food, and just as icky as that sounds. I seem to be over the worst (well, the puking, and the, you know), but I still feel terribly, terribly ill. I have been trapped in the Boy's house by my illness for days, which wouldn't be bad if I hadn't only brought two books with me to work on Wednesday (illness hit on Wednesday night; I was staying over in his gaff). And I'm in such an Antonia Forest-reading mood, and the rest of the Forest books are at home where I can't get them. So I'm making the one I'm reading stretch out for as long as possible.

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