June 17th, 2003

fat pony like thunder

more egomania

fox1013 interviewed me! With great questions, I might add.

1. Which Sweet Valley character do you most identify with? Why do you identify with him/her? Provide specific examples, please.

Cheryl, Annie's stepsister who turns up for the last few books. Cheryl is an arty, classical music-playing New Yorker (she's also one of about three black characters in the series) who is freaked out by Sweet Valley's retro weirdness - she can't believe that they have sororities and that everyone is really into sports, and the town makes her feel like a freak. Which is pretty much how I would react to Sweet Valley, in real life.

2. What's your best insult against Americans and/or America? (Bonus points for insulting Bush while doing so.)

Hey, I like Americans! Well, lots of them. Actually, I'm afraid I can only think of lots of petty gripes rather than one fine insult. My usual gripe can be summed up in Julian Barnes's remark: "want to do a magic trick? To make your country disappear, just open an American newspaper". Unless they're bombing it. Oops!

I could insult Bush (and Rumsfeld) all day, but that always turns into demented ranting....

3. What books do you really like that you expected to hate?

The Princess Diaries, because I saw the film and it was terrible. Then Marian Keyes told me how much she liked them and that they were really funny, so I got one out of the library and it was great. My love was vindicated when Meg Cabot sent me a big box of signed books.

4. You're guest starring on Buffy as a villain who kills one main character. Who do you off, how, and why?

I really would find it impossible to kill any of them. Seriously, if any of the core four had been killed off in the finale I'd probably still be in mourning now. Maybe Dawn, even though I do really like her, because that would have enough emotional wallop but wouldn't have people going insane with grief. I do know how I would kill them, because it's something I always thought and hoped they'd do in the show, but I'm saving it for Polly the Vampire Slayer, so I won't spoil that here. You'll just have to wait and see.

5. What question have you always wanted to be asked, but never have been?
"Would you like to star in a musical?" Because I totally would, but strangely enough no one seems to see my potential.
fat pony like thunder


So the band has been asked to play at the next Hoot Night. Hoot Night is a (very entertaining) club night, with each night having a different theme. Everyone has to play a song which fits in with the theme, and the next one is 'Full on Sexy' (which should be hilarious). Any suggestions for songs we could cover? I wanted to do 'Flower' by Liz Phair but Thomas, the guy who runs the night (and who is very funny) is going to do that himself. As he says, "I want to be your blowjob queen!" And who can argue with that? Anyway, Patrick and I are thinking 'Sex Farm' by Spinal Tap, but all suggestions are gratefully received...