August 12th, 2003


on the road

So, I am back in work, after my weekend on the road! We played the first three gigs of our tour. Which can be summed up as follows:

Mullingar: hellish and too hot.

Cork: fun, and a nice city. Patrick is originally from Cork, although his family moved to Kildare when he was seven, so he kept reverting to his youth. By which I mean that every so often he would put on a (very scarily authentic) Cork accent, in a sort of mean baby voice, and say "I'll fight ye, boy! I'll fight ye for your sweets!" Which kept making me laugh, and so encouraged him.

Myrtleville: a gorgeous little village on the sea, about 25 miles out of Cork. There's a lovely Victorian guest house/pub there that regularly put on gigs, and we've played there before. A lot of cool bands play there, basically because the guy who runs the place is so nice and the location is so amazing. So we spent the day frolicking on the (very hot) beach, the night doing the gig, and the following morning lazing about on the beach again. The best part was being able to go to bed as soon as I got tired after the gig, because we were staying at the venue. Yes, I know this is a sign of my advanced age, but admit it, you too have longed to be instantly home and in bed after a night out. the solution: live above your night-spot of choice. It's the only way to go, honestly.
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fat pony like thunder

ju ju is a rocking it

So on my car journey to Cork on Sunday, I read Pamie's book, which I had been saving for the weekend away, and which I loved. It would have been smarter of me to read it before I interviewed her for my un-Irish famous journals piece (which still hasn't appeared in the IT, because that crazy paper does everything freakishly far in advance. I'm still not used to it), but that didn't stop me from enjoying it very much. One thing I was pleased to note was the fact that Anna, the heroine, sings stupid songs to her cat. The knowledge that this is a normal(ish) thing to do has given me the courage to make a confession.

Dear readers, I rap at Ju Ju.

I'm sorry. It's just as dreadful as it sounds. It started one day when I was listening to the excellent Northern State, and started rapping over the beats to Ju Ju, who was waddling around the kitchen. I shall share my magnificent freestyling with you all. Please bear in mind that even if Ju Ju could speak, or indeed rap, she would not be "lyrically hazing me" or anyone else, as she is a cross and stupid beast. Which made it all the funnier. She does eat tuna, though.

(Note: Ju Ju is pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable, like jejeune without the 'n'. Juh-jooo.)


Ju Ju is a-rockin' it
Lyrically sockin' it
To you - don't be knockin' it!
So tight she's lockin' it.

Ju Ju is amazing me,
Lyrically hazing me
Eatin' that tuna like
She a cow grazing be.

Come on, come on , you know it's Ju Ju!
Come on, come on , you know it's Ju Ju!
Come on, come on , you know it's Ju Ju!
You know it's Ju Ju, you know it is Ju Ju!

The thing is, it's addictive. Once you start, you can't stop. After I had got this one into my head, I started another one about Ju Ju and her friend, Bu Bu, and how they're "rocking the dancefloor". But I think I'm shamed myself enough for one day.
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fat pony like thunder

i went to school in olympia

My computer may be fucked (see below) but today was brightened by the wonderfully speedy arrival of my two new bags and new t-shirt from the lovely Queen Bee creations. I now own this bag, and this other bag and this insanely cute t-shirt. Because the bags are handmade, I ordered them weeks ago, but they were shipped on Friday and they arrived here this morning, which is pretty damn cool, considering the fact that they're based on the American west coast and I'm, well, in Ireland. Plus the package arrived with a gorgeous little card and all the bags were carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper. Hurrah for Queen Bee! Long may they entice me into spending way too much money.
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