August 15th, 2003

fat pony like thunder

danke sehr and bitte

Thanks to daegaer and barsine for coming along to my in-store gig in Tower Records yesterday! And thanks to amphoteric and socmot for purchasing the album. Y'all rock.

And now, a plea: would anyone be able to supply me with Season 1 and/or 3 of Gilmore Girls on CD? A bizarre plea, I know. I was meant to be getting Season 1 ages ago, but it appears that the supplier may not be able to provide them. And, it looks like RTE may not show Season three, because the Autumn schedules arrived in the office today, and it's not on it! Aieee! And I don't have a high speed connection so I can't download them anywhere myself. So, if you could hook me up (and I'll pay you if you do!) or know anyone who could, do let me know here.
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