November 4th, 2003

fat pony like thunder

call me pollyanna

Happy birthday radegund!

Good things

1: The way the kids on the road cry "hi, Anna!" when I come home, and run over to tell me what they did at school that day (and then spend half an hour showing me how fast they can go on their bikes). They are all very nice kids.

2: Even though I have loads of work to do today, that work consists of reading several good books. Hee hee!

3: I have been put on the Persephone review list! Hurrah for my assignment (see no.2)

4: I have my second musical rehearsal tonight.

5: My friend Sara in New York sent me a lovely parcel containing Hello Kitty knickers, a bag of weird Japanese candy, a scary kitty card, and two hilariously demented '80s teen novels, one about a girl who becomes addicted to cocaine and one about a rising teen rock band. Thank you Sara! You rock.*

6: Bumptious, Ju Ju's evil rival, was missing, and her owners had put up very sad little posters all over the estate. And lo, when I came down this morning, who was glowering in the window at Ju Ju? Bumptious! She lives! Hurrah!

*Actually, why do my friends keep giving me knickers? Isabel gave me a pair of very cute blue and orange pants (in the Euro-english sense) for my birthday this year, and last year Miriam gave me a very fancy pair. All these knickers are very nice, being the sort of cute non-thong, low-waisted kind, so I'm delighted, but I do think it's funny that people apparently think ,"hmmm, what would Anna like for her birthday? I know! Pants!"
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Whilst at this year's Reading Festival, my sister Jenny and her friends decided to use masking tape (don't ask me why the hell they had masking tape with them) to decorate their tents with specifically irish things. Hence this delightful photo! As you can probably tell, the full thing read 'BERTIE YOU FECKER', but I think the spirit of the sentiment is evident....
fat pony like thunder

GIP, redux

Yes, I've been making icons today. Rather crap ones, I know. Anyway, this is not actually another kitten....or MONSTER, or maybe it is, but anyway, it's my own monster. Yes, for any scary posts, I will now use - Ju Ju.