December 15th, 2003

fat pony like thunder

simply having a wonderful christmas time.

A proper update will arrive later, but for the moment I must give a hurrah and thank you to daegaer and a belated hurrah and thank you to swedishfrogs, whose lovely cards - and Christmas-fic, in Lesley's case - have arrived! You both rock.

Later on I will tell you about my trip to Belfast and our "nature drive" on the way home, but for the moment I'll just tell you all that I got my hair cut, after meaning to do it for about two months, and as ever after a cut it's perfectly shiny and swingy and light. I look all glossy and fancy. My hair is so thick, and there's so much of it, that I only get rather expensive haircuts (which is possibly why I keep putting them off), but they're totally worth it. In my cheap-cut youth, my hair was beyond description, which is why I used to put it in two little plaits a lot (the only thing that could stop it looking like a Christmas tree), but thanks to Toni and Guy (or rather Melanie who works there), it has now been tamed. Hair is the one thing I never feel guilty about spending too much money on....