January 15th, 2004

fat pony like thunder

forward planning

Hmmm, what shall be doing this time next week? Oh, yes, I'll be GETTING READY TO SEE GILES BEING A PIRATE!

Sorry for the all-caps attack, but I'm rather excited. I haven't been over to London for ages - well, I was there in October for that Rough Trade Birthday thing, but that was just 24 hours, and apart from that, I don't think I've been there since the Spring. I'll be there from Tuesday to Friday morning, which will be more than enough time for me to spend far too much money. London acts like a money spongs - I find myself physically incapable of not shopping when I'm there. Likewise New York, although obviously I'm not over there too much. Anyway, clothes shops, book shops and record shops of London, beware! I am on my way. Well, I'll be on my way next Tuesday. Hurrah!

In other news, that Cure thing of mine which I was blathering about last week is in the I**** T**** today, if you're in a part of the world which sells such a paper.

Right, I am going to stop working (or trying to work) and toddle off to watch my Jeeves and Wooster DVD box set, which arrived today. At Christmas, Patrick and I discovered and watched a few episodes which I'd taped off the telly in about 1990, which left me with an urge for more. So when I saw the DVD complete box set was available on Amazon for a reasonable sum, I ordered it, and hurrah, now it's here. I have very high standards when it comes to TV versions of books I love, but the Fry and Laurie version is probably the best possible Wodehouse adaptation. Watching the videos over Christmas set me off in my aforementioned Wodehouse reading frenzy, which shows no signs of abating just yet. I'm currently reading all the books I haven't read since I was about ten - i.e. the ones we didn't own and which I got out of the library back then - and am falling in love all over again. How can I not adore a book with the following exchange:

"I was once bitten by a pig, and ever since then I've had a horror of the animals."
Lord Emsworth hastened to point out that the present was a special case.
"You can't be bitten by the Empress. She's as gentle as a lamb."
"I was once bitten by a lamb."
Lord Ickenham was surprised.
"What an extraordinary past you seem to have had, Mustard. One whirl of excitement..."

Add to that a story in which Bingo Little bets a bookie he meets in the park that his baby is uglier than the bookie's baby, only for the bookie's baby to win when the sun shines into its eyes, forcing it to contort its features into a still more hideous grimace, and well, you'll understand why on horrible mucky rainy days like today I just want to stay inside with a Wodehouse book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. Which is what I plan on doing this evening. Hurrah!
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