February 11th, 2004


spring has sprung!

Hello clouds, hello sky (as my icon would say)! I can't believe what a gorgeous Spring day it is today. The sun is not only shining, it's actually warm - I walked through the park to the library before lunch, and on my way back it was so balmy that I took off my coat, sat at one of the picnic tables for a while and read some of my library book. It was absolutely delicious - the birds were singing, there were fresh spring flowers everywhere, and the little stream was burbling away nearby. I love that park - before it was opened to the public about 15 years ago, it was the vast gardens of what used to be the local "big house", an 18th century mansion whose gardens were landscaped when it was buillt, hence the rolling hills and artfully planted trees. And having it so nearby makes working at home much better. It's easier to make myself go for a stroll if I have a nice place to walk in.

Right. I should be writing stuff, but I'm going to sit out in the back garden and read my review books. Hurrah for Spring!
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