February 17th, 2004


Wheeeeee! And, GIP.

So, Patrick got me a trampoline for Christmas. One of those little aerobic ones, not a vast one on which I could somersault (alas). Anyway, he brought it over to my parents' house for Christmas, but since then, I haven't had a chance to collect it, what with not being able to drive. But! On Sunday, P and I went over for dinner in the car, and took the trampoline back. And yesterday I put it together.

Well. Let's just say not too much work got done for a while, because I went bouncing crazy.

Seriously, it is so much fun. You can bounce higher than you'd think on it, and because I am short and our ceilings are high, there's still a good foot or so between my head and the plaster. So I bounced away for ages, and it was great. But today I feel a bit achy in my back and tummy and shoulders - not, one would think, the muscles which were most strained by my antics. But I fear these aches must be related to my bouncing, because Lord knows I didn't do much other exercise yesterday.

Oh, and continuing my attempts to master the highly pixilated world of Photostudio, here's a new icon for when I'm pissed off. It can be friends with one of cangetmad's icons, which is by the same artist and shows a fictional character playing my icon's fictional character in a film. Phew!
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life is a banquet....

It's another GIP! Man, I'm on fire. Anyway, this classy image is from the cover of the gorgeous new(ish) edition of one of my favourite books of all time, Patrick Dennis's Auntie Mame, which I've loved since I was 16. I just got the new edition from Amazon, as my ancient old second hand (and hideous, I might add, it wasn't a cool old edition) copy literally fell to pieces a while ago. So to celebrate it - and the fabulous spirit of Mame herself, an inspiration to us all - here's a singularly fabulous icon.