April 8th, 2004

fat pony like thunder

dachshunds and doughnuts

I just discovered Jennifer Crusie. Why did it take me so long? These books are just perfect fluff - cheesy and ridiculous but with enough bite and wit to make them really entertaining. Also, her essays on romance novels (the subject of her PhD thesis) are really interesting.

Ah. I have work to do, but I might just spend the day curled up on the sofa with tea and Faking It(shit, am I turning into a sad bon bon-eating romance junkie?)...
fat pony like thunder

as my whimsy takes me

Attention Dorothy L. Sayers fans! There was a wonderful programme about Lord Peter on BBC Radio 7 the other day, and now BBC 7 has finally allowed us to "listen again", it can be heard here (scroll down to 13.00).
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