July 12th, 2004

naughty little sister, me!

i'm so shabby chic, you wanna take a peek, you know I make rachel ashwell's knees go weak

Happy birthday to my fabulous co-moderator zoje_george!

In other news (not that that was news, but anyway), P and I have a HUGE new bedroom! Which I am going to paint! And I can put up all my cool pictures! And have my big desk which I love brought back up to Dublin from P's parents' house, where it has been stored for the last year and a half! And I have a gorgeous comfy new basket chair which makes me feel like a 1920s bohemian! And lots of gorgeous cute china and a lovely tray, all of which I bought in the Cath Kidston sale, so my room will be all pretty! Huzzah!

I also, however, have lots of work to do (also a good thing, being a freelancer), so I must go off and do some of it.
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