August 31st, 2004

sigh, emily

where the boys are

So, the new issue of Bust arrived yesterday, and I am glad to see that the magazine seems to be back on track. I've been seriously disappointed with a few issues since the relaunch, but this new one was excellent - a good mixture of pop culture and political stuff. And I was delighted to see the article about the demise of Sassy (even though the content was pretty depressing).

And then there was the PJ Harvey interview. Christina Martinez was a good interviewer (I could add 'for someone who isn't a writer at all' but that might be construed as jealousy because she is married to one of the hottest men in the world. I actually think she's pretty cool), but Polly Jean herself was a disappointment, mostly because of her remarks about feminism. I knew she'd distanced herself from the concept before, but I'd never seen an interview ask her directly, and I wasn't impressed by what followed. I can't understand how someone who doesn't even have a fucked-up view of feminism (which would be another issue entirely) can reject it like that. She said she thinks feminism means solidarity and support between women. And yet she's not attracted to that. In other words, she is a Boy's Girl. And I've always kind of hated boys' girls, with their "oh, other girls are just so stupid, but not me. I like cooler things than stupid girls. They're all so bitchy and trivial." I don't despise those girls because I myself don't like boys. Apart from the fact I go out with a boy, I've always had male friends. Hell, I'm in a band with four boys, and I've spent a lot of time being the only girl in group situations. I lived with two male friends for ages. I am living with two boys right now. Yet I identify with other women, and, yeah, I do feel solidarity with them. And for someone to dismiss that whole idea...well, that's pretty off-putting to me.

She also came out with that tired old 'well, I've never experienced any gender discrimination', which makes me think she should head to Afghanistan for a while. Just because she, as a white, educated middle class woman, have never been discriminated against, doesn't mean that other women haven't, including her own peers (if she ever had to look for maternity leave or, I dunno, if she lived here and wanted an abortion, then she might realise that discrimination actually does exist). her management actually contacted the magazine after the interview and expressed their concern about her appearing on the cover of a "feminist flagship magazine". I genuinely feel less respect for Harvey now. And I'm going to see her perform tonight, but I dunno, it won't be the same.
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