September 17th, 2004


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Why the Daily Mail Can Fuck Off, Part One Million

Yesterday's Headline: This explosion of rage by people who normally wouldn't think of breaking the law will be the defining event of the Blair State as the poll-tax riots were for Mrs Thatcher

Today's Headline: Right Royal Rebels, topping a story about how four of the eight who stormed the Commons are on Prince Harry's polo team.

Yes, Daily Mail, a bunch of polo playing toffs who are friends with the third in line to the throne really are the equivalents of the people who rioted against Thatcher's poll tax. You wankers.

By the way, I know some very nice people who hunt. A good (and non-posh) friend of mine's dad is a former Master of Hounds who still trains (adorable) fox hound pups for his local Hunt. I do not think all hunters are aristocrats and that, even if they were, aristocrats deserve to be assaulted by the police. But there really is no justification for hunting other than "I like chasing an animal and killing it because it's fun", and that's just not good enough. I don't care if it's "part of their way of life". So was slavery. The only bad thing about the ban is that it means the "right royal rebels" will all be coming over here in their stupid red - oh, sorry, "pink" - jackets and riding through our back gardens.
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