September 18th, 2004

fat pony like thunder

do a little dance, get down tonight

All hail the D.I.Y. princess! Yes, today I finally painted my room. It's a very, very boring cream - I'm worried that it's perilously close to a horrible off-white. But I wanted very neutral walls because all the woodwork is going to be a gorgeous sort of aqua blue which should look very pretty. And really, the cream is nice - it's a very pure 1930s sort of cream, and there's something really warm and fresh about it. And in a week or so not only will I have a nice new room, I'll have a nice new bed, and, best of all, I'll have my old desk and my ancient chintz-covered poufe-cum-footstool which used to belong to my great aunts and which I had to leave in my parents' attic when I moved out here to outer suburbia. Hurrah for shabby chic!

In other news, I DJed with my sister leedy at the Ladyfest disco on Thursday night, which was luckily untroubled by obnoxious resident DJs making unfunny and sexist jokes. We played everything from Minnie Ripperton to Beyonce, via Stereolab, Le Tigre and the Blues Explosion. How I love obnoxiously forcing my musical tastes on people...
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