November 3rd, 2004

forlorn Buffy

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Oh, fuck.

So, the world is probably in for another four years of belligerence, environmental damage, and even more terrorism.

And America's looking at no jobs (unless you're a millionaire, then you'll get a tax break), institutionalised bigotry, religious fundamentalism, and the FBI turning up at your door if you take out a library book which the president doesn't like [insert obvious joke here, naturally].

I feel horrible.
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fat pony like thunder

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I am too depressed at what's going on in America - which has basically robbed me of my faith in human nature - to write any political rants today.

Instead, I shall clear something up for (ahem) fans of From Here to Sweet Valley.

It has come to my attention that some of you are not aware that when I refer to Bruce picking Jessica up on the dancefloor and spinning her over his head, I AM NOT MAKING IT UP.

No, that incident took place in Playing With Fire, the same book which described Bruce bounding up the stairs of SVH "with the grace of a young lion."

What a handsome couple! Look at Bruce's luxurious locks. No wonder Jessica found him so irresistable.

Believe me, whatever I put in this story, it can never be quite as freakish as the original. Well, except for the whole flying monkey thing. And Alice Wakefield's Wildean portrait. But anything else can probably be surpassed in weirdness by Francine Pascal and her sweatshop of writers...and if you don't believe me, just read the one where Jessica dyes her hair and starts dressing in "European" style....
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