November 9th, 2004

sigh, emily

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It's.....more things that annoy me!

1. The McDonalds ad where the smarmy reporter goes looking for the "truth" about what's in McDonalds' crappy burgers. I hate you, McDonalds, for pretending that all the claims of your revolting practices cough*shit in the meat!*cough are totally groundless and I especially hate you for pretending that anyone who thinks otherwise is a smug arrogant fool who really just wants to eat a burger and perhaps most of all, I hate you for the way the gormless worker says "uh, do you want fries or a salad with that?" because there's nothing crappier than McDonalds pretending that they always offer healthy food, and that doing so is the norm for them.

In conclusion: McDonalds, fuck off.

2. More ads! God, I hate advertising. The media is evil! Except when it's paying me to do my job. Ahem. Anyway! I hate the new TK Maxx ad that goes "There's a new Santa in town.....and she's not paying full price!" Cut to "sexy" dark-haired lady in red driving around in a red sports car, laden with festive gifts. Why does it annoy me so? I don't even know! But it does. I think it could be because what it represents is a Santa.....with attitude.

3. And perhaps my greatest irritant is anything.....with attitude. The expression itself makes me want to hit someone, but it's much worse in practice. The posters for the new Five Children and It film irritated me not just because they represented a film which was obviously nothing like the book, but even more because they clearly depicted a Psammead.....with attitude. Standing legs and arms akimbo, his head cocked on one side, the Psammead was obviously meant to look (sigh) "sassy". He just looked punchable. As indeed do all things....with attitude.

I think that's it. I realise that I may be giving the impression that I am in a constant state of rage, or at least irritation, which isn't really true. I don't actually like being enraged by stuff like this, so I think I should take pains to avoid most of it. And as a large amount of what irritates me turned out to be TV ads, that shouldn't be too hard
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sigh, emily

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After the gay marriage-ban.

"I don't know if there are any assisted living facilities around that will allow us to share a room if we are not legally married," said Mary Beth Brindley, 65, who has been with her partner Evelyn Hall, 66, for 45 years -- a relationship they kept secret for 37 years while living in the deep South. "That's a very real concern for us."

But don't worry Ms Brindley, the people who voted against your 45-year-old love affair don't really want you to live alone! They like you, they really like you! Apparently.

Kelly Clark, attorney for the Defense of Marriage Coalition, said many people who voted for Measure 36, the Oregon amendment to ban gay marriage, nonetheless feel strongly that gay couples should have an equal shot at the legal benefits of marriage.

"It's what I've felt from the beginning and I have consistently said this to gay friends," Clark said. "So what kind of alternatives can we craft? And whatever alternative mechanisms we find have to be fair."

Oh, please. Like she has any gay friends. "So, what are you working on at the moment, Kelly?" "Oh, just this little rule thingie that'll stop you ever thinking you're equal to straight people in the eyes of the law." "Really? That's nice."
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fat pony like thunder

family history

I stopped with him for a fortnight, and succeeded in procuring a tuition in the house of a wealthy farmer named Piers Murphy, near Corcreagh. This, however, was a tame life, and a hard one, so I resolved once more to give up a miserable salary and my board, for the fortunate chances which an ardent temperament, and a strong imagination, perpetually suggested to me as likely to be evolved out of the vicissitudes of life. Urged on, therefore, by a spirit of romance, I resolved to precipitate myself on the Irish Metropolis, which I accordingly entered with two shillings and ninepence in my pocket; an utter stranger, of course friendless; ignorant of the world, without aim or object, but not without a certain strong feeling of vague and shapeless ambition, for the truth was I had not yet begun to think, and, consequently, looked upon life less as a reality than a vision.

from William Carleton's Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry

My ancestors* were such miserly, boring employers that they drove 19th century writers to run away and seek their fortunes! What impressively indirect patrons of the arts.

*That Piers Murphy is my great-great-great-great-grandfather.
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