November 29th, 2004

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Woman's Hour is playing an item about the women of the DUP and how great they are. A woman from a party which benefited from blatant gerrymandering is now giving out about the fact that there aren't enough DUP MPs in West Belfast. Oh, if only we could go back to the good old days of vote rigging! I presume that now the usually liberal Woman's Hour is celebrating bigoted right-wingers, they'll have a "women of the BNP" item next week.

I am not pro-Sinn Fein by any stretch of the imagination, and I have no problem with the fact that whenever they're discussed in the media, they are never uncriticised. In fact, I think that they should be criticised more (especially when Mary Lou McDonald attends a commemoration ceremony for a former 'Ra member who worked for the Nazis). So I don't really mind that any programme, especially on the BBC, which looks at women in Sinn Fein will mention their connections with a bunch of murdering psychos. But I expect the same treatment to be given to a party whose leader is an unashamed fundamentalist bigot who has been preaching religious and race-hatred (against people like me) for decades, and whose female members are making disparaging references to "fenians" on my radio right now. That lunatic Ian Paisley was on the radio and telly calling Irish Catholics "vermin" for most of my childhood. I'd rather not have to listen to him and his similarly bigoted cohorts twenty years later.
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fat pony like thunder


I've just received a book which I have to review for work, the blurb of which describes it as "a tale of yummy mummies with flat brown tummies".*

As a leftie supporter of free speech, I think book burning is one of the vilest things in the world. But come on! "Yummy mummies with flat brown tummies!" Do you think anyone mind if I set fire to it?

*Lest anyone think I have some weird racist objection to brown tummies, I should point out that as this book is about posh Sloanes, any dark skin in the entire book is of the fake-tan variety.
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