December 9th, 2004

fat pony like thunder

after the watershed

A remarkably sneering Guardian article on the Woman's Hour Watershed Fiction poll, which ignores the fact that the whole poll was just part of months of discussion on the show. To pick at the final books for their supposed failure to match the exact wording of the initial poll, which asked readers to pick a book which "has spoken to you on a personal level; it may have changed the way you look at yourself, or simply made you happy to be a woman" is missing the point (another point which is missed in the writer's analysis is the "spoken to you on a personal level" bit, which he (I think) conveniently ignores for sneering purposes). The analyses of the final books themselves are equally idiotic. I know how easy lazy journalism is - I can't pretend I've never been guilty of it myself - but to look at the final results of a months-long debate while ignoring the debate itself is just stupid. As is looking to Julie Burchill for words of wisdom on anything, ever.
fat pony like thunder

i've got a theory....

Last night barsine, her sister, her cousins and I went to see a stage production of Once More With Feeling in UCD. As barsine said in her LJ, it was the greatest night's entertainment ever! Even though Spike was pretty terrible. I was trying so hard not to laugh during 'Rest in Peace' I practically had an apoplectic fit, and kept grabbing onto barsine in my hysteria (sorry, H!). But the whole night was absolutely brilliant, and if any of you, anywhere, get the chance to see a stage production of the Greatest Musical Ever, do it.

I have to say, though, UCD really is a hideous concrete wasteland. I hadn't been out there for ages, so I'd sort of forgotten how hideous it is. I mean, I know Trinity is all pretty and cobbled and 18th century-building-filled and everything, so it's not fair to compare, and I'm sorry for insulting the alma mater of any current or former Belfield denizens who may be reading this but...damn, it's a depressingly ugly place. It's as if Trinity were filled with nothing but copies of the Arts Block. Which, although I have a great fondness for the Trinity Arts Block, being the place where I first met Patrick and also where I spent a lot of time hanging out drinking hot chocolate and having pretentious conversations with my equally pretentious chums down on the chocolate boxes by the Ed Burke when I should have been going to lectures, is not a pretty thought.

Anyway! Verdict on last night: UCD campus depressing and hideous, UCD's drama society very entertaining. Hurrah!
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