December 21st, 2004

fat pony like thunder

going postal

Lovely cards from anglaisepaon and radegund! Hurrah! You all rock. And you remind me that I really should send out my Irish cards - I was so keen on getting out all the furrin ones, I thought I had all the time in the world to send out the local ones. Which I don't, really.

The post is bewildering me, though - I got my new issue of Bust yesterday, and it had been posted in America on Thursday, which is very fast for this time of year (also, thank God Bust have changed to a new sub service - their international service was fucking terrible for a while). And yet I don't think many of my American cards have arrived at their destinations yet. It's freakish.
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fat pony like thunder

crazy cat conversation

The scene: the kitchen

Him: I'm going to get all my presents today. Hey, Ju Ju, stop that! [moves bold cat away from cupboard doors which she is scratching to shreds]
Me: What are you going to get Ju Ju?
Him: A book about lions.
Me: Hmm, does she like lions?
Him: Yes. She thinks they're giants.
Ju Ju: Rar.
Him: See?

The end.
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