December 30th, 2004

fat pony like thunder

baby! baby baby baby baby!

I had a rather fun party last night, and am feeling somewhat fragile today, but I have to post ENORMOUS congratulations to the fantabulous cangetmad, the girlie, blue_monday and agentz on the birth of their beautiful and delightfully-named daughter Naomi. Hurrah for all of you!

And now, back to my own less aw-inspiring day of feebly drinking tea in front of the telly. No wine for me! Ever again! And I smoked about 50 cigarettes too, just to give myself an excuse to use my amazing '50s pastel cigarette holder for the first time in years. The shame. I hope the fact that I am a Bad Example will not lead to cangetmad refusing to let me visit her and her impressionable child...
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