January 8th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

sort of rhetorical questions - first in an occasional series

There are many things I don't understand. Perhaps you, my friends, can help me. Or maybe these things baffle you too. To this end, I am going to ask questions about some of these puzzling issues. And here is the first one...

Why do film and TV producers keep casting horrible sassy, wise-cracking children in their movies and shows? Does anyone, anywhere like these kids? I mean, is there anyone on the face of the earth who can look at a smug child with weird hair* who says things like "I don't think so!" while crossing its arms and smirking, and not want to push it off a cliff? I don't think so! I know many films and TV programmes have to have children in them, but surely there are plenty of genuinely appealing child actors, who would be able to grace our screens without us wanting to kill them. After all, every so often they make an appearance - that kid who was in Matilda was sweet (although she's probably about 16 now, of course), and then there was the wonderful Jodie Foster. And yet, the horrible sassy children keep appearing on films and television programmes. Why? WHY?

*They always have weird hair, especially if they're boys, and are especially fond of sporting freaky too-long pudding bowl do's. Sob.
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