January 11th, 2005

fat pony like thunder


Things I love:

1. Making delicious soup and eating (drinking? What do you do with soup anyway?) it with freshly baked bread rolls and gorgeous butter

2. Gruel on Dame Street, especially the downstairs part, where I spent two hours this afternoon hanging out and eating fabulous pizza with jane_the_23rd. We were sad to find that our favourite sofa there has finally been replaced (especially as we actually begged the owner not to change it a few months ago) but had to admit that the new sofa is actually very comfy. Hurrah for Gruel! Best and coolest cafe in town!

3. Stereo Total. Could there be a band more suited to my freakish tastes? They sound like a vintage French pop band, except most of the songs are in German so I can understand them! Their last album (which was out about a year ago) was kind of disappointing, but I just downloaded an early album which I hadn't been able to find before, and it is reminding me of how much I love their strange little Franco-German selves.

4. My monkey shoes. Ah, monkey shoes, you are serving me well this winter. You go with everything and you look exceptionally cute when paired with chocolate brown fancy tights.

5. Cadbury's fudge mini cakes. Oh my God, these things are fucking gorgeous. I bought a bag of them yesterday and had to ration Patrick to just three otherwise he would have eaten them all in seconds. As would I, to be honest. As their name indicates, they're teeny versions of the Fudge cake bars, and they are wonderful.

Things I Do Not Love:

1. Penguin not doing proper proofs anymore and instead sending me these manky ring-bound things which are impossible to read.*

2. Having lost my discman and hating my mini disc player and never being able to afford an iPod and being unable to find another decent MP3 player that'll work with a Mac. Suggestions?

3. Freelancing. 'Nuff said.

4. The fact that I smoked the other night (just one cigarette) and, as happens when I smoke after a long-ish no-smoking break, I got a mouth ulcer. And I have no bonjela. And it's really annoying.

*Yes, yes, poor me, my free books aren't perfect. But seriously, those proofs are really annoying!

Hmmmm, those woes are pretty fucking petty, really. In conclusion: things aren't too bad right now.
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