January 12th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

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I forgot to mention it in my "things I love" list yesterday, but do you know what's a perfect song? "Outdoor Miner" by Wire. It makes me happy.
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fat pony like thunder

A Poll, being suitable for all young Ladies and Gentlemen of Fashion

It's time for a geeky poll! And I mean, really geeky. Now, we all know (especially if we're female) that really, we wouldn't have liked living in the past very much at all. But that doesn't stop (most of) us romanticising bits of it. So, what's your favourite century? I'm not talking about practical, political reasons why an era appeals to you - this is all about style over substance, people! Which century appeals to your imagination?

Poll #417171 What's your favourite century?

What century appeals to you most? Give those shallow reasons in comments!


Mine is the 18th - I studied 18th century art fairly intensively in college (the only time I got a first in my summer exams was for that 18th C course), and I wrote my BA dissertation partly on an 18th century play (John Gay's The Beggar's Opera - my thesis was a comparison of the satire in it and Brecht's Dreigroschenoper). There's something about the incredible prettiness (Gainsborough! Romney! Gorgeous fabrics! Fabulous, beautiful clothes for men and women ) matched with sheer fucked-up debauchery (that's a long, long, long list) and radical politics (pretty long list there too) that really appeals to me - in fact, there's a large framed poster from the wonderful Tate 2002 Gainsborough exhibition (featuring the detail of the Linley sisters portrait - see below) on my bedroom wall. And I'm currently reading an excellent book for work about the 18th century actress and writer Mary Robinson, which is what prompted this poll. So what about you? And if I didn't go back far enough in the poll (sorry, leedy!), put your century of choice in the comments - alas, I can't edit the poll (bah, stupid 21st century technology!).

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