January 25th, 2005

fat pony like thunder

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Oh my God, I love my iPod Shuffle. So tiny! So cute! Okay, it doesn't have a display screen, so I'll just have to click "forward" to get to different albums. but who cares? I've already transfered a ton of stuff onto it, so soon (like, this afternoon when I go to the shops) I will stepping out to the sounds of (among others) Wire, Rilo Kiley, Metric, Stereo Total, early REM, Beyonce, Throwing Muses, Juliana Hatfield, Calexico, and the Zombies. I love you, technology! Although I'm pretty fickle, so don't get used to the love. It'll disappear the first time anything goes seriously wrong with this thing....
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naughty little sister, me!

the best years of our life

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I am quite surprised at how many people on my friends list did not recognise this meme's Saved By the Bell reference. Were my sisters, friends and I the only people who laughed at (not with) it in the early '90s on this side of the Atlantic?
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Heh heh heh. How could I resist this meme (nicked off daegaer and zoje_george)....

1. Comment with any subject that you would like me to rant on, with possible [inevitable] swearing. Any subject - I don't even have to agree with it.

2. Watch my journal for your rant.

3. Post this in your own journal, so that you may rant for others.

Note that I can only rant on topics I know something about, unless you want me to be rather vague. (Er. That TV show! It was best in the first season!)

Go on, MAKE me put on the ranty-pants!

Like I ever take them off! Anyway, go on...
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