February 11th, 2005



Huzzah, the fabulous biascut is here! And she and glitzfrau are currently romping around the city centre. I, on the other hand, have come home to have a lie down, as I seem to have contracted some sort of hideous lurgy and can barely breathe (hence my sickly Hogarth icon). And I couldn't get an appointment at the doctor's, so I have no Ventolin to aid my wheezing breaths. But still, it's been lovely to finally, at long last, meet biascut, and drink copious pints with her and La Glitz, leedy and kulfuldi last night (even though poor Mary misheard our lilting brogues and thought Bulmer's cider was called Bummer's, and was horrified at the thought of asking for such a crudely named beverage at the bar).

There was talk of more revels tonight, but I am feeling too ropey, so as my beloved (the gambling addict) is off playing poker again, I think I may spend the evening making soup and watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls while drinking Lemsip. Even though I am tempted to boycott Lemsip because of the appalling "the merger was going to go down the pan" ad. if you haven't seen it, the message of this particular advertisment is that if you stay out of work because of sickness for more than five minutes, one of your co-workers will take over your job and you'll return to find him swanning about your office. But if you drink Lemsip, you will recover enough to stagger into work and take back what's rightfully yours, because Lemsip "separates the men from the boys". It's a hideous ad on many, many levels, not least because the two blokes in it are complete tossers, but somehow it's weirdly amusing. When I woke this morning coughing and wheezing, P advised me to drink Lemsip, which somehow resulted in us quoting lines from the ad repeatedly in a state of great amusement - especially the sneaky co-worker's amazed cry of "Iaaaaaaan!" when his hated rival returns to the office in a Lemsip-scented haze. Perhaps I don't loathe the ad quite so much after all...
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always be good for me


It arrived in today's post, over a month before its release. He makes absolutely and utterly perfect music, and I'm going to interview him in two weeks!

*falls over with gorgeous twinkly guitar-pop bliss*
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