February 23rd, 2005

naughty little sister, me!

walkin' in a winter wonderland

This morning I was woken up at about half past seven by the shrill and joyous cries of my infant neighbours. Which was, of course, very annoying. Until I heard one of them shriek "snow!", whereupon I leaped (well, kind of staggered) to the window and looked out to see that the infants were right, and outside was a veritable winter wonderland! Well, a winter wonderland with just about an inch of snow. But still! Snow!

Although it was also a reminder of global warming - one of the teeny infants was exclaiming that it was the most snow she'd ever seen (she's about five), which made me realise that when I was her age, back in the mists of time (1980), we usually got at least one day off a year because of heavy snow falls. I remember making entire igloos on a regular basis! And then there was the huge freeze in about, I dunno, 1982, when we had six foot drifts in the back garden. I haven't even seen this much snow in this country for about four or five years. No wonder I'm so pleased by its arrival.
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irish politics, bertie

today's cod-oirishry alert

Today, after a delightful lunch with barsine, I repaired to Chapter's bookshop where I picked up several excellent bargains in the second hand section. And then, on my way out, this book caught my eye.

You know what happened next, don't you? It was like an evil magnet. I couldn't resist. Ten minutes later I was still there, inwardly raging at the sheer idiocy. Basically, it's a book by a first generation Irish-American who goes on a pilgrimage to (puke) "Planet Green." And it is terrible. He constantly "jokingly" complains about the fact that we're not all thick peasants who live in candle-lit huts - "cell phones in Dublin?" Yes, you prick, cell phones, although I'm sure you'd prefer it if we just delivered messages by wild goose or something. He refers to an Irish accent simply and automatically as a "brogue" - an expression which always makes me want to take off one of my actual brogues (it's the Irish for shoes) and beat the speaker over the head with it. He also boasts of his ability to tell if a fake Irish accent is accurate, and then proves his claim is utterly false by saying Julia Roberts sounds like she "just got off the boat " (bwahahahahahaha!). The geography is so ridiculously inaccurate and JUST PLAIN STUPID that it boggles the mind (to give but one example, he refers to the six counties of Northern Ireland as being "part of England". ENGLAND? FOR FUCK'S SAKE!). It basically reads as if a pig-ignorant tourist with his own inane image of Ireland had wandered around for five minutes and decided to write about it. I'm very, very glad it was on a remainder table in a bargain bookshop.
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