March 1st, 2005

fat pony like thunder

mea culpa

I am a bad little liberal. Ever since Cafe Direct's Fairtrade tea has been available in our local supermarket, I have been purchasing it loyally. And as I drink a hell of a lot of tea, I've been going through boxes of the stuff at an alarming rate over the last year, adding to the excellent company's well-deserved profits. The Tea Direct tea is pretty nice, really, but when it ran out the other day, I found myself thinking, "wow, I'd really, really like some Lyon's Gold Blend." And so yesterday, in the supermarket, I paused for a second at the tea shelf before....siezing a box of Lyon's. Yes, I chose non-fairtrade over its fair-trade brethren, and I feel bad. I feel especially bad because the Lyon's tea really is nicer, but guilt will drive me back to Tea Direct next time.

Although having just looked at their website, I realise they're not so perfect themselves - Ireland as part of the UK? Would it kill you to add a "and Ireland" onto that slogan? A very petty quibble for a company which does such good work, but who said I wasn't petty? Not me!
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naughty little sister, me!

too much food

I have just eaten my entire weight in delicious Nigel Slater-inspired risotto with roast chicken and creme fraiche.

*falls off chair in food-induced stupor*

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fat pony like thunder

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For fuck's sake.

The chief of the US delegation, Sichan Siv, went on to tell his counterparts that Washington opposed the ratification of the international treaty on women's equality, as well as resolutions that would "place emphasis on 'rights' that not all member states accept, such as so-called 'sexual rights'."

Mr Siv also told diplomats that Washington opposed any move to seek funds from industrialised countries to implement the reforms called for under the Beijing declaration.

I'd repeat our old early '90s pro-choice sign-slogan of "keep your rosaries off our ovaries", if it weren't for the fact that the conservatives in this question believe that rosary beads are papist tools of the devil. Oh, except the Vatican delegate, of course, who supported the US stance. Can someone rescue God from these people soon, please? Because they're not doing his name any favours.

Link from zoje_george.
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