March 5th, 2005

sigh, emily


I am feeling a bit tired today, as I was out till four in the morning. Oh, the craziness. Once upon a time, that would have been the norm for a Friday night, but now I am old and boring and unused to such revelry. In fact, the older I get, the more insanely suburban I find myself becoming. A classmate of P was recently appalled when he learned that P and I spend our time drinking tea and going to look at country houses at the weekends rather than spending three days in a riot of partying. And we ourselves joke that we are turning into P's grandparents, who apparently would happily sit by the fire talking about what the dog was doing for hours on end (we do the same with Ju Ju, even though our discussion of our feline simpleton's antics is more of the "oh, bloody hell, she's scratching the cupboard doors again!" variety) The thing is, we actually like doing all these boring things. We like going on jaunts to the countryside and looking at castles. We even like having mammy-ish conversations with our neighbours. I almost wish we didn't, but we do. So, how about you? Are you as boring and suburban as we are? Please say you are, if only to make me feel better about being a 29 year old who is seemingly one step away from wearing quilted slippers and reading Ireland's Own. This one is really aimed at the over-25s, but of course younger fogies may join in.

Poll #449066 How suburban/boring/middle-aged-before-your-time are you?

Do you enjoy spending evenings at home?


Do you regularly:

Drink tea by the gallon
Talk with your partner about what your pets are doing
Visit castles and stately homes
Go on country jaunts
Go to farmers' markets
Choose any of the above activities over a more debauched outing

ETA: For partners, read partners or housemates. Why can't we edit polls, damnit? Also, I forgot to put in the following options, so you can answer yes or no in comments:



Get tired in the pub at about 11.00 and want to go home to bed even though everyone is in party mode.

This didn't actually happen last night, for once. I was actually in the mood for staying out late, which as my fellow fader barsine can confirm is quite a novelty...