March 14th, 2005

auntie mame, glamour

secret dreamworld of a shopaholic

My recent boost in employment has gone to my head. Over the last week I have purchased:

A 'Drumcondra' hoodie from Neighbourhoodies.

A bag from Queen Bee.

A '70s-rock-esque Mozart t-shirt.

The madness stops now, though. Before my credit card explodes. Actually, I took a vow of poverty a while ago (less a vow and more of an, um, reluctant decision to stop spending money I didn't have) so have not bought anything frivolous for AGES. So I am allowed go slightly deranged for once. I hope. Don't tell the bank.

Also, has anyone else been watching The Mighty Boosh on BBC2? It's so, so, so funny. Why did it get no attention when the much more laborious Green Wing (which I just don't like, despite the presence of the godlike Tamsin Grieg) gets praised to the skies? Last night's episode made Patsington and me laugh so much we were in tears. I think it was when the shaman gave Howard a picture of two kittens in a barrel ("look at them, they're having a whale of a time!") to reduce his rage that sent me over the edge.
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