April 3rd, 2005

fat pony like thunder

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So, I went to two parties last night, both of which were very fun (although the second one was very loud), and as I was drinking wine spritzers all night (classy!), I would have felt fresh as a daisy this morning if it weren't for two things.

1. I smoked about six cigarettes last night and my lungs feel like sandpaper.

2. My poxy sister leedy made me get up at half eight and help her get Glastonbury tickets. And of course I woke up at half seven and couldn't get back to sleep again (not least because, as usual the morning after every time I go out of an evening, I remember how much embarrassing nonsense I talked to various people. This has nothing to do with drunkenness, I should add - I am quite capable of rambling on annoyingly when stone cold sober). So I am very, very tired, and now I am sitting here feebly in the sitting room with leedy watching John Craven. We just watched last night's (excellent) Doctor Who. It's kind of like being back at home circa 1982....
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hogarth, sauciness

the dark side of me having a camera phone

I am still absolutely fucking knackered, but there's always time for some crazy cat lady madness. Look at this photo:
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No! It's her rival, Bu Bu! Bu Bu is the cat who lives near the pet shop on the way to our sometime-bus stop and who is Ju Ju's lookalike. The resemblance is quite sinister, as you can see.
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Were they separated at birth? Did they once frolic together as kittens like two balls of bad-tempered cotton wool? Who can know the truth? Not Patsington and I, which is why we decided long ago that the white fluffy cat we dubbed Bu Bu (her real name is still unknown) had to be Ju Ju's deadly rival, and so the legend grew. And now you can see why.
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