April 5th, 2005

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calling all cultural catholics

There's an interesting article about world-wide Catholicism in today's Grauniad that for once managed to write about Catholics without implying that they're a homogenous group who all hate abortion and contraception and gay rights. Nevertheless, it managed to be annoying several times. It made sweeping statements like "Like every nun, she is a fervent fan of the Pope." Really? Every nun? Including the radical feminist ones? Including the liberation theologians? I doubt it. And then there was this:
One striking aspect of the paedophilia crisis is that it has affected what might be called the Anglo-Saxon world - the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia - far more than the church elsewhere.

It might also, with more accuracy and less weirdo imperalism, be called the "English-speaking" world, you fool, as the last time I checked, I wasn't Anglo-Saxon, nor were the vast majority of American (and possibly Australian) Catholics.

ETA: This is probably the best article I've read so far on what the late Pope and his cohorts' stance on certain moral issues has done to the faith of liberal Catholics. And this article (byy Frances Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice) is an excellent comparison of JP with the other reforming Pope of the last century:
John XXIII opened the church to the 20th century, and John Paul II breezed through the door into the larger world. But John XXIII opened the church to internal democracy and left the church itself a better place; John Paul II, for all the bridges he built to the Jewish community, Islam and the poor, blew up the bridges that spanned the divide between clergy and laity, men and women, right and left, gay and straight. This is a great tragedy. The most important task of the next pope will be to rebuild those bridges....

...Women in the North were told that we were exaggerated or extreme feminists and that our desire for autonomy -- bodily, spiritual and intellectual -- was not shared by the good women of the South. First-world Catholic women who believed in radical equality between men and women in the church were demeaned and caricatured by other women whom he appointed to Vatican commissions.
fat pony like thunder

overheard in Dublin

Some of the stuff on this site is pure snobbery, but some of it is fucking hilarious, and it's all so purely Dublin that it makes me feel weirdly affectionate towards my native city...

A bloke is sitting down the back of a bus across from me.

A second bloke gets on the bus and heads straight for the back seat.

The catch each other eyes and realise they were in school together.

Bloke 1: "How's it going man, wha's de storee?"

Bloke 2: "Grand man, how are you?"

Bloke 1: "ah you know, alright I suppose."

(They talk shite about people they know for a few minutes and then move on to the killer story)

Bloke 2: "So are ya still doin the paintin for your brother?"

Bloke 1: "Ah yeah, now and again, decorating gaffs mainly, I get the van sometimes, its handy money buts head wreckin."

Bloke 2: "Ah, you were always good at the art and that. You could say its your talent."

Bloke 1: "Yeah I was good wasn't I, what's your talent?"

Bloke 2: "Jayzus, I don't know, eh...(thinks for 30 secs, ah I S'pose matching stuff is."

Bloke 1: "Wha?, matching stuff, wha do ya mean?"

Bloke 2: "Ya know the way burds,like your ma and that are good at matching curtains and cushions. I can do that as well."

Bloke 1: (Totally flabbergasted, looking in middle distance) "Yeah, I suppose that is a talent, sures its good to have a talent."

They both nod their heads and the conversations lulls and then they are back to usual ground, where they score in Inchicore.
I also liked this:
Posh lady (in a fur coat) gets on the 78A BUS talking on her mobile phone:
Posh lady into phone "Oh yes, I'm at the cosmetics counter in Brown Thomas"
Other passenger shouts "NO YOU'RE NOT, YOU'RE ON THE F***IN BUS!"
Posh Lady goes scarlet and says into phone "I have to go now"

Heh heh heh.

Link from Back Seat Drivers.
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telly love

I have been procrastinating all day (mostly by arguing with idiots online), so why stop procrastinating now? Here's a TV Collapse )

In other news, there is an ice-cream van now operating in this area which plays Sousa's Liberty Bell March, also known as the Monty Python theme music. I can hear it twinkling away right now. Words can't describe how surreal this is.
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