April 7th, 2005

fat pony like thunder


This morning I was distracted from idly refreshing my friends page for the umpteenth time working very hard on a fascinating article about theatres by a dull thud coming from the sitting room. A second later, Patsington called up the stairs:

Patsington: Your big Easter Egg fell off the table and broke!

Me: Really? Does that mean that it is now in lots of easily stealable pieces and I won't notice how much of it is gone?


I bet if I tried to put that egg back together again now it'd be half its original size.
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fat pony like thunder

to-done list

Things I have done today:

Conducted several phone interviews

Received a copy of the new Aimee Mann album

Despaired at the dreadful messiness of my house.

Made up bed in the spare room for either majea or wonderlanded (they'll have to fight over who gets to sleep in it and who gets to sleep on the (quite comfy, actually) fold-out couch-bed in the sitting room)

Sung along to OP8 in harmony with Patsington

Booted a noisy and demanding Ju Ju out into the garden

Let a noisy and demanding Ju Ju back into the house because she looked so pitiful

Watched some of The Afternoon Show in a state of awe at how totally fucking terrible it was

Wondered yet again if it would be possible to shave Ju Ju in order to stop her shedding a mini-Ju Ju's worth of white fluff every time she moves

Been informed by Patsington that he has actually shaved Ju Ju ("the back half!") and now she looked like she was wearing a fluffy white hoodie

Discovered, not to my surprise, that this was not true

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